Task 8 – Point of view

The point of view in the book are mostly first person view, but changes sometimes into second person. The fact that the book uses most first-person point of view is good, if not we would understand that the narrator and Tyler Durden are the same person. When the viewpoint of the book shifts to second person, I think it does that to get us readers to look a little different at the history and to put us readers right into the action. The use of viewpoints in this book is amazing, the history and the actions that happens in the book becomes much richer.

An example of the use of second person’s point of view is when the fighting takes place under the bar. we as readers is one of the nameless spectators who are ready to fight. As the fighting is going in the basement are we described how the basement looks and how the fighting takes place



3 thoughts on “Task 8 – Point of view

  1. The point of view seems interesting and you managed to describe it extremely well. Your choice of example was great, since very few books are written in second person view it can be a little difficult to imagine a scenario where it’s used, so your example and explanation made it much easier to understand. You’ve answered this task very well, keep up the good work!


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