Task 3 – Chapter 1

The first chapter of the book starts with a friendship that is not at its strongest. Two friends are on the roof of the building Parker Morris, where our nameless narrator is sitting with a gun in his mouth. The person holding the gun is his friend, Tyler Durden, who is his cooperation partner of the invention Fight club. They are talking about explosives and weapons. Beneath them, inside the building is Mischief Committee Project Mayhem. I have not gotten to know what Project Mayhem is, but I know they are shoving desks and filing cabinets out of windows. In just a few minutes now the building will collapse, even though the narrator and Tyler Durden is on the roof.


You may begin to wonder how they got to this situation. It looks like I get to know this in chapter two, as the narrator stops Tyler Durden from shooting by saying ¨I remember everything¨. Maybe it’s time for a flash back.



One thought on “Task 3 – Chapter 1

  1. I enjoy the way you write and analyze your blog! You write good, and as much as I know about the book it sounds really interesting and exciting. Allthough it’s not my type of book, I would give the book a chance and read it. Good work, and keep going!


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